The Route

In May 2017 we left Falmouth (UK) and made our way the Mediterranean. We’re exploring France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, the Balearics, Sardinia, Sicily, and Malta.

Our objective is to get somewhere warm by the winter. Either into the Med to Malta, or overwinter in Portugal. Malta and Portugal’s weather are ideal for wintering – temperatures stay around 15-20 degrees up until the end of December and they go back up around the beginning of March. That means we’ll only have to endure two cold months.

We live life on the hook and we avoid using the engine as much as we can, so we have to make sure we find protected anchorages everywhere we go and plan ahead. We don’t get out to sea unless there is a good enough weather window, so we expect this journey to take a while. We’re in no rush anyway.

We cannot predict how many nautical miles we’ll cover over Summer 2017, as we’ll depend on the weather, the sea conditions, and the wind. Whatever plans we make are bound to change, but being dictated to by nature is part of the enjoyment.