The Crew

We shared a dream – to live a simple and environmentally friendly life outdoors.

Then, with our 30th birthdays fast approaching, we realised we might never get to retire to live this dream. So we quit our jobs to sail away.

Here’s a little bit about us.


I grew up in a small village by the mountains near Bergamo, Italy. I probably wasn’t destined to be a sailor, as I get seasick and can’t sleep underway.  

I spent seven years pursuing a career in content marketing in England between Bournemouth, Manchester and London.

I like helming, following fish around snorkeling, flying the spinnaker, and campfires. I dream of sailing to the South Pacific, one day. If you’d like to find out more about me, read my backstory.





Before setting off, I’d done a bit of sailing, cruising around Cornwall and racing at Cowes, one of the biggest sail racing regattas in the UK.

I like rock climbing and flying the spinnaker. I’d like to sail to the Great Blue Hole in Belize. If you’d like to find out more about me, read my backstory.



If you’d like to read more about why we quit our jobs and sailed away, read this blog post. Since 2017, we’ve sailed from the UK to Greece, back to Spain and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean.