The Cost Of Cruising (2018)

the cost of cruising

Last year, a post on the cost of cruising was one of our most popular articles on the blog. We decided to follow up on it with some up-to-date figures.

Our budget and spending habits haven’t really changed; however we had to adapt to new circumstances and places. Let’s look at our spending for the first two months of cruising for 2018.

In April we had a bit of a tough time – two of our bigger freelance projects ended rather abruptly (the end of the financial year was tough on them, so they had to make some cuts). On top of that, there were 50 knots of wind forecast in an area that wasn’t very well protected, so we had to dash into the local marina and stay for five nights while the wind howled. All things considered, we did very well. We managed to stay within our budget by cutting on our food expenses – I made lots of homemade flatbread and we ate salad often. Luckily, we cruised in Portugal and south Spain, which are very cheap countries.

Our total spend for April was £487 / $654 / €553.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the expenses, if you fancy a more in-depth look.

May was brighter, with two new clients coming on board, which brought more financial security (phew!). This meant we could go back to our habit of spending anywhere between £500 and £700 without worrying too much. It was great news, as we entered the Med just before the beginning of May, and life on the Balearic Islands is definitely more expensive than in mainland Spain. We even splurged on a mooring ball at the end of the month in Andratx (Majorca), as the anchorage had been filled with mooring balls and there was a strong South-Westerly wind.

Our total spend for May was £566 / $760 / €643.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the expenses, if you fancy a more in-depth look.

This summer we’ll have to pay for boat insurance, which is £350 for the year. We’re also saving up for potentially spending the winter in a marina, as there is an average of two storms per month in the Mediterranean in the winter and we still don’t have a heater.

That’s all folks! We hope you find these tables useful.

  • Cally & John Rivett

    This is a great help because we are just finishing our budgeting before setting off!

    Thank you!

  • Peter Littlefield

    Hi Guys, Great to see that you & “Kittiwake” are back on your adventures. Enjoy fair winds & safe sailing. One small (large!) comment – please wear your life jackets when on deck and especially during trips in the dinghy. Yours aye, Peter.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Thanks a lot Peter! 🙂

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