cheap budget chartplotter

Cheap Tablet Chartplotter [Video]

Want to go sailing but can’t afford a chart plotter? No worries. There’s an easy budget solution. You can use any Android tablet as a chartplotter with a simple app and a few maps. Ryan explains how it all works in the video in just 2 minutes. It’s simple and straightforward. We used this system

Our Favourite Sailing Podcasts

Whether we’re planning a new adventure, looking for an engaging way to spend our time during a night watch, or need to escape to distant shores through our minds, we love to listen to sailing podcasts. Here are some of our favourite sailing shows. Boat Radio The podcasts by Boat Radio are excellent and the fact


What Skills Do You Need To Go Sail Cruising? Start Here

Most dictionaries define sailors as people who go sailing. Sounds reasonable. But sailors aren’t just sailors. When the engine needs fixing, they’re mechanics. When a pipe leaks, they’re plumbers. When a fuse blows, they’re electricians. Self-sufficiency at sea depends on having a vast repertoire of skills and abilities. The majority of sailors don’t set out