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Thanks a lot for watching our videos or reading our blog. We really hope you’re enjoying the content we create. We love sharing what we learn along the way with likeminded people. However, it does take time, effort, and discipline to create this content while we sail and work to make a living.

Why support us

It takes us a minimum of 40 hours to film and edit one single episode for our YouTube channel and about 6 hours to write, edit, and optimise a blog post. And you get to watch and read for free 🙂

The equipment we use to create our videos and blog posts (laptops, cameras, drone, phones, …) is rather expensive and prone to breaking down, due to the salty air and water. We bought everything second-hand, as we’re on a tiny budget and work each month to keep going, so things break even more easily.

Would you like to support us? Wow, thanks! You’re a LEGEND.

There are two main ways to support us: via Patreon, or PayPal.


Patreon is an amazing platform that makes crowd-funded videos on demand possible – the videos are free to watch, but if you fancy supporting the production, you can donate to the creators (us!).

On Patreon, you decide the amount to pledge per video episode and you will be charged that amount at the end of each month. You can change the amount you donate at any time and you won’t be charged for old videos, only for new ones. The money we receive from Patreon goes both into buying better filming gear, our expensive internet bill and helping us with Kittiwake’s maintenance – she’s an old lady from the 70s after all. Each Patreon donation tier has its own rewards. Check them out here:





PayPal is for a casual donation – maybe you’d like to buy us a beer or a new piece of gear, but you don’t want to commit to regular donations on Patreon. That’s great too! There are always new bits and bobs we need to get – new fishing lures, new drone parts, and batteries for our cameras, which seem to break all the time. We’ll put these donations towards these expenses. Click here to donate through PayPal:

Thanks ever so much for considering making a donation! 

Buy our sailing logbooks

If you’re a sailor and need a passage logbook, you can buy ours! We grew tired of drawing our own tables every time we went on a passage, so we decided to create a logbook that would capture the information we need, without being overcomplicated. We’ve specifically designed it with modern navigation in mind, but it has lots of space to add notes for those who like to use traditional navigation every now and then – the notes section is huge! We have a few different covers available at the moment – from a simple helm to different models of sailboats. For more pictures and a full description, go here.

You can check out our very own logbooks here if you’re based in the UK. If you’re in the USA, you can find them here. They’re also available in other marketplaces – just search for the title and “Ryan Osborne”. If you end up buying the logbook, the royalties we receive from the sales (about £2-£4 per book) will go towards our cruising kitty and boat maintenance fund.



Use our links when shopping on Amazon

We occasionally recommend products we have found useful while cruising. If you buy any of these from the links on our blog or YouTube video descriptions (or from our Amazon store), we’ll get a small referral fee from Amazon (a few cents per item). It won’t cost you any extra, of course.

Support us for FREE

There’s also a free way for you to support us. It’s as simple as watching our videos on YouTube. Even better if you feel like sharing them, liking them, commenting on them, recommending our channel to your friends, or following us on our other social media platforms:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Cheers! Fair winds and following seas.