Storm At Anchor In The Isles Of Scilly – Ep. 2

The second episode of our sailing vlog series is live. It’s an eventful one – we finish off our boat work, go on our first ever night passage, explore the beautiful Isles of Scilly, and endure a storm at anchor.

We thought it’d be important to share the lessons we’ve learned from the storm, during which we almost got hit by a dragging boat and had to call a Mayday Relay for a yacht that blew onto some rocks. Unfortunately, a lifeboatman involved in the rescue of the yacht and its crew lost his foot in an accident onboard the lifeboat. The most precious lesson we’ve learned is that our actions at sea don’t impact just ourselves and those around us; but also those who are willing to risk their lives when we’re most in need of them.

There is actually a little more to the story – a basking shark sighting and a stolen package. You can read the full account here and here.

  • Rob Eade

    Awesome and truley inspiring.
    I look forward to your blogs.

    Bon Voyage!

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Thanks so much Rob!

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