Skua, Our Current Boat


Kittiwake was our first love and we were so grateful for everything she taught us. We learned to be cruisers on her and will never forget her. However, after nearly two years of living aboard a 26ft sailboat, stooping around everywhere and not being able to stand up inside, we seriously worried about Ryan’s back and neck.

Skua came into our lives a lot earlier than planned. She winked at us with a seductive cheap purchase price, full standing headroom inside and a faster hull speed. We had been in love with Bob Perry boats for years, but we never dreamed of owning one of his stunning designs. And yet, just when we had finally finished refitting Kittiwake, Skua decided to sneak into our lives.

We couldn’t say no, it was too tempting. So we did what no one should ever do. We used our rainy day/pension fund and bought her outright, desperately hoping we could sell Kittiwake fast. We were extremely lucky, because Kittiwake sold within 23 days of her ad going live. And so here we are: proud owners of a Bob Perry boat.

Skua is a Tayana 37 from 1976. She’s fiberglass, although she looks like a wooden boat, due to her lines and the teak forest living above and below decks. Skua is a cutter and features a beautiful bowsprit and a stern canoe. Although she’s heavy for her size (12T), she sails beautifully and can keep up with many modern boats.

Tayana 37s have circumnavigated and have an excellent bluewater reputation, which is part of the reason why we went for this design. She’s super solid and will put up with any weather.

Inside, she has a modest galley, a nav station, a quarter berth, a big saloon with two sofas that turn into sea berths, a small head and a v-berth. She’s the perfect size for a couple.

So, would you like to see what she looks like?

Have a peek!