Sailing, Rock Climbing & Freediving In Spain – Ep. 6

After crossing the Bay of Biscay, we sailed westwards towards A Coruna. We did lots of day hops, stopping in Bilbao, Castro Urdiales, Laredo, Santander, and San Vicente de La Barquera. Although we felt progress was slow, with the wind always against us, we really enjoyed exploring this less known bit of Spain. We stopped to rock climb and freedive along the way and for the first time since leaving the UK, we weren’t too cold in the water! We have great memories from these places, so we hope you enjoy the video.

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  • Matz

    Hello, I like your cruise and will soon leave with my catamaran (an Iroquois), to go through the canals in france and then further south. As Im from Sweden I can agree on the good cruise here, but still longing down south to the warm sun. However wish you all luck and perhaps we meet one day.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Hi Matz, best of luck with your adventure South. We might meet in the Med this year then? That would be great. Let us know your progress. We’re leaving Portimao (South Portugal) around April to head to Gibraltar and then the Balearic islands. Fair winds and wide canals 😉 Elena and Ryan

  • Monte Parr

    Ryan and Elena, you are both really enjoyable to watch! Just one recommendation- if you don’t have one, please get an AIS system to help you watch for other boats/ships. I know your funds are limited, You “kids” (I say ‘kids’ because I am 64) are really smart!!
    I can’t wait to see more of your videos, Ya’all really do a great job, excellent camera work. I like it that you spend more time with actual sailing shots, and they are great. It makes me feel like I am on board Kittiwake with you!!! I also know that putting out a lot of recording time, editing, selecting music is a major job unto itself. It’s hard work! Just want to let you know that every reader and viewer really appreciates what you are doing. I sure couldn’t do that!!!
    May fair winds always be at your back, and may calm seas always be before you.
    May ya always have a few shillings to spend, and an offering to those who have less.
    May you share the beauty of those sunrises, sunsets, and the dreamy stars above you.
    And may you know that you are the apple of God’s eyes, and a blessing to those around you.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      What a lovely comment Monte. Thanks ever so much! We are saving up for an AIS – we realised how important it is to have one. Thanks again for the compliments and well wishes. All the very best, Elena and Ryan

  • Luc DHAESE

    Hi Elena and Ryan,

    You are making a very nice trip. I understand that you want to go to the South, perhaps because of the nice weather and the comfortable facilities. I did it several times, but I always return to the North. The less good weather, the tides and currents, the more complex navigation are always a new challenge that increases respect for nature.
    The beautiful English south coast, Scotland, Britanny, Normandy, the green Dutch and German Wadden islands, the beautiful Norwegian coast with its breathtaking fjords are for me the most beautiful sailing area in the world. You are still young, do not forget them. fair winds.

    Luc from S.Y. Fletcher

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Cheers Luc! We loved the cruising in the UK and dream of sailing Sweden and Norway, one day. However, we’d probably need a better equipped boat for that cruising – good insulation and a heater would be mandatory for us, as we anchor out most of the time. One day 🙂 There’s time.

  • Gaurav


    I saw you tweet about travel and I thought I’d checkout your website. Looks like Sailing Kittiwake ⚓️ has come a long way. Keep up the good work.
    Do checkout my blog TwoSomeLife too.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Cheers Gaurav!

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