Our Very Own Sailing Logbook! Now Available On Amazon

Every time we go on a passage that’s more than a day sail, we keep an hourly log. However, we couldn’t find a sailing logbook that suited our own style of navigation anywhere. With our sailing plans slowly becoming more ambitious, we grew tired of drawing tables on our notebooks each time we went on a longer passage. So we decided to design our own ship’s log!

We designed the sailing logbook with modern navigation in mind, but it has lots of space to add notes for those who like to use traditional navigation every now and then – the notes section is huge! You can write anything you want in there. We plan to use this section to keep an account of any events, such as a pod of dolphins visiting us, seeing a point of reference, or spotting land. But who knows, we may try our hand at traditional navigation every now and then, just to keep it up.

Here’s the information you can record on the logbook:

  • Date,
  • Origin and destination,
  • Crew,
  • Distance,
  • Time,
  • Position,
  • Course,
  • Speed,
  • Log,
  • Wind direction and speed,
  • Tidal information,
  • Ample “notes” section for each log,
  • Passage summary with total hours, sail hours, engine hours, and average speed.

You can either write in ginormous characters in the middle of each box, or you can use the faded line in the middle to write two lines in each box. Each line is 5mm tall.

It’s a little bigger than an A5 notebook to offer more space to write in it, and much thicker (it has 249 pages). It’ll easily fit any nav table when open.

You can check out our very own logbook here if you’re based in the UK. If you’re in the USA, you can find it here. It’s also available in other Amazon marketplaces – just search for “Sailing Logbook Ryan Osborne” on Amazon.

If you end up buying it, the royalties we receive from the sales (about £2 per book) will go towards our cruising kitty and boat maintenance fund.


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