Sailing To The Best Beach In The World – Ep. 8

After nearly smashing our boat into a catamaran at the local marina, we spent a few days relaxing in Ortigueira. We explored the stunning ria and the beautiful village. We were then ready to set off for Ares, where our friends Sofia and Jaime were waiting for us, to give us our brand new cruising chute. We were lucky enough to have them as our private local guides for the area and to be able to visit the Spanish navy supply ship where Jaime works. No cameras allowed inside, of course. In September we finally set sail for the Cies Islands, home to the best beach in the world, according to The Guardian. We didn’t feel like this claim was very accurate, but we found an incredible deserted beach on the nearby island of St Martin.

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  • Jean-Pierre Lebrument (France)

    Finally heat by your film, while here, 18 cm of snow since this morning (we are in the Paris region – in the valley of chevreuse!). Always so beautiful pictures and such good comments.
    Good luck for your trip and nice sailing down to the South.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Merci beacoup Jean-Pierre. It sounds cold in Chevreuse! Keep warm and enjoy the snow, Elena and Ryan

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