Running away from STORM FORCE WINDS (Ep. 17)

As we sailed into Spain, we didn’t expect to see 55 knots of wind in the forecast. We thought we’d had enough bad luck up the Guadiana. Except, the weather gods had different plans for us. They decided to throw a new challenge at us. Join us as we decide what the heck to do in Cadiz.

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  • John Hash

    You guys are inspiring me to plan my sailing adventure, I have only done local one-day trips but this year I’m planning on a month long trip.
    Keep having fun.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Amazing! Best of luck with your new adventure. Fair winds!

  • Royalty Yachts

    Great video, thanks for sharing! Fair winds!

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Cheers Carlo!

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