Our Favourite Sailing Podcasts

Whether we’re planning a new adventure, looking for an engaging way to spend our time during a night watch, or need to escape to distant shores through our minds, we love to listen to sailing podcasts.

Here are some of our favourite sailing shows.

Boat Radio

The podcasts by Boat Radio are excellent and the fact that they reached over 1million downloads is testament to how good the podcast is. They have a variety of shows, from tales of sailing expeditions, to tips for the galley, to ocean research projects, to interviews with famous sailors. Our favourite presenter is Mike McDowall, with his smooth voice, but we really enjoy the Ocean Research Project podcasts by Matt Rutherford too.



On The Wind

Formerly 59 Degrees North, On The Wind is a great show created by Andy Schell. The podcast is a collection of long-form chats with sailors from all over the world. Some great guests have been on the podcast – from Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, to Magnus Olsson and German Frers. Andy Schell wants to share what success looks like in the sailing world and help others make their sailing dreams come true.


Sailing Stories

Presented by 59 Degrees North and hosted by Lee Cumberland, Sailing Stories is a weekly podcast in which they tell of tales from the high seas. Their reading of Brave Or Stupid by Janne Larsson got us laughing out loud for months. It was our favourite thing to listen to on the drive down to Kittiwake, when we still lived on land. Their new season Around The World With Jean-Du-Sud is also very promising. While with the other podcasts you can pick and choose what episodes to listen to, you need to follow this one quite carefully, as you don’t want to miss out on bits of the stories they tell.


The Sailing Podcast

Unfortunately this one is out of production, which is a pity, as the interviews by David and Carina Henderson were all very interesting. The Sailing Podcast hosted interviews with lots of very interesting people – from YouTubers like Sailing Uma and Sailing La Vagabonde, to sailing legends like Lin Pardey. A lot of the episodes are about cruising and the live-aboard life, which is right up our street.





How about you? What sailing podcasts do you like and find useful? If sailing videos are more your thing, you can find us on YouTube; our sailing channel is called Sailing Kittiwake. We record our adventures sailing from the UK to the Mediterranean on a 26ft catamaran from the ’70s.

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