Kittiwake Is For Sale!

Heavenly Twins for sale



With a heavy heart, we have decided to sell Kittiwake. We have been offered a Tayana 37 from 1976 for a great price – an offer we couldn’t refuse, as we dreamed of owning a Bob Perry design double-ender. We always thought Tayanas, Hans Christians, and Unions were out of our reach and thought the only way to get one would be to buy a project boat and slowly fixing it up. It turns out sometimes the right boat comes up when you least expect it.

You can find out more about our choice by watching these two videos:

Or if you prefer to read, head here.

Kittiwake has been a wonderful boat and home to us since we bought her in 2016. She has kept us safe and she has allowed us travel freely, in tune with the elements. She has made our dreams come true and we’ll never forget that. For this reason, we’ll keep the name of our vlog and website as Sailing Kittiwake, in her honour.

We have lots of videos of us sailing Kittiwake in the Mediterranean, which will go live over the autumn and winter. In the meantime, we’ll sell Kittiwake, move onto the new boat, and start the works on her. Finger crossed, it all goes to plan.

If you’re interested in purchasing Kittiwake, a Heavenly Twins 26 from 1977, head to the full description here.

  • Luckyfish

    Good luck with the sale guys. The Tayana will be a treat too I’m sure. A little heavier than the Heavenly 🙂 Does she have the deck prisms? such sweet boats. Cheers, Stew on Luckyfish.

    1. Sailing Kittiwake

      Cheers Stew! You brought good luck 😀 She’s now sold.

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