Sailing Kittiwake

FRIDAY 13th Sailing MISHAPS (Ep. 16)

We should have known better! Sailing on Fridays is bad enough, but Friday the 13th? Well I guess we were asking for it! Regardless of the mishaps, the Rio Guadiana is beautiful, and a welcome change from bobbing around on the big blue sea. We hope you enjoy this episode. As always, if you like this

ep14 sailing kittiwake

She’s FINISHED! Splashing At Last (Ep. 14)

She’s finished! Kittiwake is all ready to go on some new adventures. In this episode, we do more work in the yard, explore the beautiful Portuguese coastline, and finally splash. We hope you enjoy this episode. As always, if you like this video, please share it, give it a thumbs up, or leave us a comment

Episode 13

Preparing Our Boat For HOT Climates (Ep. 13)

She’s almost ready! In this episode we paint and coppercoat Kittiwake. It was a great experience, which taught us a lot. We also hop in a cheap rental car and go visit some cruising friends up the Rio Guadiana. We ask them what’s it like to winter up there for free. This beautiful wild river

Life at anchor

Life At Anchor: End Of Summer Fun – Ep. 11

This is possibly our favourite episode so far. While we filmed it with limited gear, as our main camera charger broke down somewhere on the coast of Portugal, this video captures some of the best times we’ve had last year. This is what cruising should be all about – lovely beaches, good friends, an active

The Best & Worst Of Sailing

The Best & Worst Of Sailing – Ep. 9

In our latest episode we experience the best and worst of sailing, as we sail the coast of Portugal, visiting the beautiful city of Porto and the cute town of Aveiro. We also have our best sail of the year, where we sunbathe on deck while the cruising chute gently takes us south. Unfortunately, on