Heavenly Twins for sale

Kittiwake Is For Sale!

With a heavy heart, we have decided to sell Kittiwake. We have been offered a Tayana 37 from 1976 for a great price – an offer we couldn’t refuse, as we dreamed of owning a Bob Perry design double-ender. We always thought Tayanas, Hans Christians, and Unions were out of our reach and thought the

the Bahamas of the Med

Sailing To The BAHAMAS Of The MED (Ep. 23)

After a quick rest to work and tidy the boat up, we sail south to Formentera. We weren’t prepared for how stunning this island would be. The crystal clear water and sandy beaches truly amazed us; we can only compare it to the Bahamas. We also take the chance to do some old school navigation; which

Sailing Kittiwake

FRIDAY 13th Sailing MISHAPS (Ep. 16)

We should have known better! Sailing on Fridays is bad enough, but Friday the 13th? Well I guess we were asking for it! Regardless of the mishaps, the Rio Guadiana is beautiful, and a welcome change from bobbing around on the big blue sea. We hope you enjoy this episode. As always, if you like this