How To Become A Minimalist Liveaboard Sail Cruiser [Video]

Are you considering giving the liveaboard cruiser lifestyle a go? You’re in the right place. We’ve just released a fresh new video all about how to become a minimalist liveabord sail cruiser.

In this video we explain how to sail away into the sunset – from learning how to sail, buying the right boat, making a living, choosing a dinghy, downsizing, and much more.

We’re not going to lie – it’s a rather time-consuming process, and it does require a lot of effort, but it’s all totally worth it. When you’re lost, searching for that perfect boat or stuck in a boatyard, covered in paint and antifouling for months, remember that the final prize is an extraordinary free life, full of adventure.

Imagine yourself sailing on a hot sunny day in perfect sea and wind conditions. The autopilot is doing its job, the freshly anti-fouled hull is sliding through the water, and you spot dolphins swimming towards you. You get to the anchorage for the night just before sunset, and end your day with a dip in clear blue water and a romantic dinner in the cockpit. Keep this image firmly in your head as you battle through the year(s) of preparation for your journey.

Not every day is perfect when you’re out on the sea, but many come very close. Every day you spend learning how to sail, researching how to replace a thru hull, or making a trip to see a very bad boat, you’re working towards your future. And you’re one day closer to living the life of your dreams.

  • Mindy

    Great inspiration. Thanks guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. Begininning my boat life in April! Can’t wait 😊

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