7 BOAT LIFE HIDDEN REALITIES | Watch Before You Buy [Video]

If you’re thinking of selling up and sailing away, you may want to watch this video, there’s a few things you should know. Here’s seven boat life hidden realities you need to know before buying a boat and sailing away.

1) No boat is perfect

It doesn’t matter how amazing your dream boat is, every boat is a compromise.

2) Boat life will change you, and it won’t

You will have life-changing experiences once you set off, but you’ll still be you.

3) You won’t be 100% free

With the weather, the seasons, the shape of the coast, and more dictating where you can go, when and what you can do, you won’t be 100% free.

4) New boat doesn’t mean no troubles

Even new boats need maintenance and fixing – many have terrible manufacturing defects.

5) Making a living on a boat is hard

Whatever way you choose to earn money, it’s not easy from a sailboat and you won’t be able to jump on the first plane home anytime.

6) Sailors are very opinionated about boats

Sailors have very strong opinions about boats, their builds, the gear on them, and more.

7) Anyone can get seasick

Yup, even the toughest sea dog can get seasick in the “right” conditions.

This is just a super brief summary. To find out more, watch the video.

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